Why this blog matters to me

Let me start with some background since childhood. Through schooling I was much shy and loved science. Other subjects did not lure me and specially maths. Forced through learning of tables and unaware of how or where this learning will be applied left me clueless.  Then came my SSC results and it totally left me shaking and sweating, like end of the world or something. (I was within 5 ranker all my schooling). Finally stirred and shaken started with polytechnic, with a die hard goal to excel in each subject. Ultimately  achieved results with flying colors and later completed graduation. During graduation engg materials fascinated me and equally pressure to get a job pressed me hard. By that time I came across with some Marathi novels which increased my interest in reading, till then I had nothing to do in spare time, rather worry about tomorrow endlessly.  Through that time I had nothing for sake of role model, though I was cited as role model for all village guys which I could not understand.

Through first, second job I developed some more habit of reading. Remember reading subramoney back in 2008, but somehow was very ignorant & take action due to personal family matters. Then had a big blow by loss of my mother which left me to find what to do with life. Some more reading (Ayn Rand) came along to help and motivate to do something for self. By this time I had only done average through professional life. Somehow now I feel I was very much able to think through but was not having a sound plan to act on things, rather wait things to act on me. This situation continued till mid 2013.

Procrastination left me unattended to few matters which need my immediate action. Meanwhile I had started influencing few of people in office which I came to know by their friend circle people. This was a fulfilling feeling. I started actively looking in finance matters by guidance from online blogs. On the way came by article which influenced me a lot around worrying future, changing the way to look at things. Then I came across article from Adam Smith about his life, idea of continually doing/seeking next better thing to do hit me hard and helped to come out of notion of worried future. This notion was kept me out of present and quizzed.

Further in 2014, I took my personal finance in hands and made a action plan. Few of people shedding light were Subra, Pattu, Safalniveshak, Moneylife. I streamlined things well and going well. Some of additions with paradigm shift came when I purchased Poor Richards Almanack and Charlie Munger completely impressed me and took out a major portion of pessimism, absent mindedness out of me. Multidisciplinary thinking had changed a lot in me and I am actively moving towards it. Finally my hobby of avid reading has ramped up with less of rote learning and more of critical learning. Here few of role models I had founded are Richard Feynman, Charlie Munger, Subra.

My fear about Arithmetic’s was since childhood and looking back I faced instances where I had it as disadvantage. Some instances only sheer luck factor saved me. While reading Richard Feynman, came across Practical man series, immediately got arranged for the books & started practicing it. Richard Feynman letters had been a inspiration as well, thanks to Shane Parish ( Farnam Street Blog). Now I am on journey to learn arithmetic again and with effective methods & Application.

Another special mention is about continuous effort; I have been raised such as always relied on picture as to ultimate solution and not unfolding a story method. Currently applying continuous effort in professional & personal life. One of my colleague is inspiring in terms of continuous effort and I have seen how that had helped accomplish task & unfold a story or rather build story. Pursuing next best thing to do is such a novel concept and negates fears/notions about uncertain futures. I am practicing it now actively.

After all avid reading in recent times I am fully convinced with my action plan and deliberate practice is a path to follow. This is a convincing idea to write my journey about doing deliberate practice. I am in search of professional mentor to guide me and most critically provide me feedback. This is only way to remind myself continually about my way forward and reiterate conviction. This blog matters a lot to me as it will be source of stages in my journey, feedback from people and performing deliberate practice.

Finally it reminds me words of Richard Feynman,

“No problem is too small or too trivial if we can really do something about it.”Do not remain nameless to yourself – it is too sad a way to be. Know your place in the world and evaluate yourself fairly, not in terms of your naïve ideals of your own youth, nor in terms of what you erroneously imagine your teacher’s ideals are.

So I have decided to discover myself and move ahead in this tough yet fruitful journey!


My First Message

I am writing this blog as to express my journey for deliberate practice and journey around.

Highly impressed by Ben Franklin, Charlie Munger, Cicero, Richard Feynman have started conscious journey to become wise day by day and apply to all aspects of life.

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